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Why Good Web Design Is Important For Your Business And Why You Need It?

Written by polyuno
Last modified Jul. 31 2021

Having an online presence is no longer optional for businesses. Both consumers in B2B and B2C space use the internet to find answers to their pressing queries. And a website is often the first place your prospects interact with your brand - making a good web design a necessity.

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In fact, after your page loads, you have only 0.05 seconds to impress your visitor. Oddly enough, 94% of visitors mentioned web design is a reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.

Therefore, investing an ample amount into your business website can meet your long-term profitability, branding, and powerful ROI goals. Consequently, it could lead to some business solidarity, maximized profits, and ultimate brand positioning.

Why Does Good Website Design Matter?

Whether consciously or not, we tend to react to visuals first. People are naturally drawn to good design. For that very reason, your website design matters because your customers care about design. Your website is the front door of your company.

When it comes to your website design, studies have proved over and over again that users quickly judge your business based on visuals alone. Not to mention, they often stop using your website if it’s poorly designed.

According to web credibility research from Stanford, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design. Additionally, 38% of people will stop engaging with your website if the content/layout is unattractive.

So, poor web design doesn’t only hurt your legitimacy. If it is not beautifully designed, it can also drive away a third of your visitors along with your potential customers.

Importance of Good Web Design for Businesses

Consumers spend more time on beautifully designed sites than they do on plain and basic ones. Here are 10 ways a good web design impacts your business.

1. Serves As Your Business’ First Impression

Checking out your website gives potential consumers their first impression of your company. They usually form an opinion about your brand in a split second. So, in these few seconds, you should focus on creating a lasting positive impression on your audience. Do that by ensuring an attractive, user-friendly, highly responsive website with a quick loading speed.

A site that seems unappealing or out-of-date sets a negative initial impression of your brand. It deters your potential customers and redirects them to your competitor's website.

A good website design, on the contrary, helps keep your audience on your page and ultimately enhances lead conversion.

2. Boosts Trust And Brand Consistency

As mentioned earlier, your website design determines how most people assess the integrity of your business. Website designs that are both trendy and professional tend to foster trust. At the same time, users will question your credibility if your website is outdated and amateurish.

Another significant way through which a well-designed site promotes trust is through brand consistency.

Consumers recognize popular and successful companies just by glancing at their colors, logos, or styles. So, incorporate the elements that your consumers associate with your company while designing your website. Ensure the outline, styles, and fonts are consistent throughout all pages of your website.

Your site will seem unattractive and unprofessional if each page has a drastically different design. Building brand awareness will also be tough since your target audience can not identify things that reflect your brand.

3. Enhances Usability

A well-designed website makes all of the page elements incredibly easy to find. Otherwise, your visitors will have a negative user experience and spend less time on your website.

Even if the two websites perform identically, users are more likely to enjoy using an aesthetically pleasing site than a dull site. That is, a good website design improves usability as well as the perception of usability.

Consider collaborating with a professional design agency due to the complexity of web design. In the same breath, hire a reputable translation agency to assist you in providing insightful and consistent product message that connects with your global clients.

4. Eases Navigation

A well-designed website is simple to navigate. When it comes to website design, many expert designers follow Hick's Law. This rule indicates that the time required to make a decision is proportional to the number of options available.

If you have a lot of options, it will take you longer to make a decision, and vice versa.

When professional website designers create navigation with Hick's Law in mind, they strive to simplify and decrease the number of alternatives. This helps the user simply decide what action to take or where to go.

Reduce the number of options on your site to five or less and make it easier to navigate. That way visitors will find your website easy to navigate and use.

5. StrengthensYour SEO Strategy

Different web design components and techniques have a significant impact on your site's content publishing ability. This, in turn, impacts how top search engines crawl and rank your page.

Aside from that, some web design components might harm your SEO strategy. One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is to prioritize design over functionality.

Use SEO-friendly web design elements and techniques to increase the visibility of your page.

6. Improves Website Loading Speed

A well-designed website will typically load rapidly on all devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Because of the fluid grids and high-quality, responsive visual material, a website loads in seconds.

A visitor is more likely to stay on a website that loads quickly than one that takes a long time to load.

According to one research, 53 percent of mobile users will leave a website if pages are unresponsive and laggy, or take a long time to load (more than three seconds). According to the same survey, websites that load quickly keep users engaged for a longer period of time and realize an increase in conversion rates.

7. Reduces Bounce Rates

The percentage of people that visit a website and leave after viewing only one page is referred to as the bounce rate. As previously said, a well-designed site with a quick loading speed implies more people will engage and interact with your website for a longer period of time, lowering your bounce rate.

Visitors that spend longer time on your site are more likely to explore other pages, learn more about you and your business, check out your products, and maybe make a purchase.

8. Improves Leads And Conversions

A decent website design gives you control over your audience's eyes and allows you to drive them to exactly where you want them to focus. You may use this capability to direct traffic to special offers, promotions, and calls to action.

You may also make this easy for both new and existing consumers to find buttons and other clickable facets. That way, you'll enhance the user experience for your visitors and see greater conversion rates.

Making your site mobile-friendly is another sure-fire approach to boost your conversion rate. Keep in mind that smartphones have a 64% greater conversion rate than Desktops. So, having a mobile-friendly website is essential.

9. Gives You An Edge Over Your Competitors

If you want to outshine your competitors and attract more consumers, you must keep improving your website design consistently. Determine what distinguishes your company from competitors and incorporate it into your website. The objective is to show potential consumers why your products or services are much better than those of your peers.

10. Enhance Customer Service And Satisfaction

By just visiting your website, your audience can gain insight into how you treat your customers. If you do not invest in the design of your page, your target audience will assume you will not deliver value for their money.

Invest in a bright, up-to-date, and eye-catching website design to make your business appear open and welcoming. Most importantly, make sure it has easy yet smart navigation that can provide your audience with a pleasant experience each time they visit.

Top 7 Elements That Sums Up A Converting Website Design

1. Mobile-First Website Design

If you've been underestimating the necessity of responsive web design, it's time to change your tune. It is essential to incorporate responsive or mobile-first website design to keep visitors' attention for a longer duration. Regardless of the device your consumers use, your site should not appear clumsy, shattered, or unapproachable.

2. Fast And Easy Navigation

If visitors can't figure out your website in 3 seconds, they'll leave you before even reading the special offers you have. That’s why your website design should be simple enough to skim through. Make sure your users can easily discover and consume content. Ensure that every page, subpage, link, or source is thoroughly linked and does not cause visitors difficulty in connecting the dots.

3. Well-thought Style Guide

A style guide is a manual that outlines the standards for your designs. Having a well-planned and documented style guide that includes uniform rules for inputs such as color, font, visual, and other components can help you establish a consistent website.

4. Compelling Web Copy

Any website that lags may struggle to keep consumers' attention for long. Every company website needs to include some skimmable, informative, and easy-to-understand knowledge for target customers. Because only then a business can expect high reach, conversions, and ultimate sales.

5. Persuasive Call To Actions

A decent web copy cannot alone persuade readers to do the "next best action". Rather, catchy CTAs or calls to action as buttons, phrases convince readers' minds to stay on the site a little longer. But, these should be smartly planned and structured for users to notice and respond to them.

6. High Website Speed

You hardly have three seconds to make or break it. Your website should load quickly so that your visitors may stay longer, browse your products, and purchase what you have. The easiest way to maintain the website loading quickly is to use only compressed elements such as media content, text, and files on the web.

7. Creative Visual Content

It is critical to have a great mix of text and visuals to increase consumer engagement. Have an overhaul of creative visuals including films, images from stock or real-time, vector images, infographics, GIFs, or so that you may creatively grab your audience's attention. To avoid poor conversions, make sure you have a proper hierarchy of visual content planned and implemented.

Why Having a Website Is No Longer A Matter of Choice

Owning a website for entrepreneurs or any business is no longer a choice; it is the only way to survive, do business, generate profits, meet costs, and so much more. If you don't have a straightforward, functional, and responsive website design from the start and just underestimate the value of website design, you will face severe issues like this:

  • Lose potential consumers' interests, inquiries, and purchases.
  • Have to work hard and pay a wasteful amount to keep up with your offline company metrics.
  • Miss out on the opportunity to build a dream brand that is credible and easy to monetize.
  • Miss out on the opportunity to outperform your competitors in the virtual marketplace.
  • Lose a potential base of loyal and long-term buyers or clients.
  • Lose opportunities to acquire heavy streams of income and profits on a small investment.

“So now I have a website, I should make more sales” - this thought might come across your mind at times. But has it been updated or redesigned to reflect current design trends and consumer preferences? If not, you may still meet these odds. So, it is critical to revamping your website every 2-5 years, if you want to continue getting a breakthrough in your business.

Final Words

Like every other company, your one is also vying for creating a positive impression among customers and prospects, isn’t it? To accomplish this, a fantastic web design is a must.

While there is much more to a successful website than just the design, customers expect an appealing visual layout first. And they will assess your company based on its appearance before they even read a single word.

So, if you’re looking for a top-rated digital and creative software development agency that can design digital solutions for your company or brand, you can trust PolyUno!

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