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Google Street View Inside Your Business: A Guide to Virtual Tours

Written by polyuno
Last modified Mar. 16 2024

What is Google Street View?

Google Street View is a feature on Google Maps that allows users to view panoramic images of streets and locations around the world. It was first introduced in 2008 and has since become a popular tool for exploring new places and getting a feel for different neighborhoods. With Street View, users can virtually walk down streets, explore landmarks, and even enter some buildings. In 2012, Google introduced Google Street View Inside, which was later known as Google Business Photos. This feature allows businesses to showcase the inside of their establishments on Google Maps.

Google Street View Inside

Google Street View Inside allows potential customers to take a virtual tour of the inside of your business. This feature is produced by professional Google Trusted Photographers whom Google accredits for uploading quality images of the inside of your location-based business to Google Maps. This imagery allows potential customers to see your displays, products and all the aspects of your business you want people to see. By using Google Street View Inside, you can enhance your business visibility and boost your local search rankings.

Big Impact

Virtual tours, such as Google Maps Street View, can have a big impact on a business. Research shows that those who view a virtual tour are twice as likely to visit the store in person, which can increase foot traffic and ultimately boost sales.

Why Google Street View Inside Your Business is Beneficial?

Google Street View Inside Your Business: A Guide to Virtual Tours
  • Provides an immersive and user-friendly experience for customers
  • Increases online visibility and enhances business reputation
  • Helps customers plan their visit and find answers to their questions
  • Offers a unique perspective of the business location and facilities
  • Boosts passive marketing efforts by providing 24/7 access to the business
  • Increases customer trust and authenticity of the business
  • Encourages customer engagement and interaction with the business.

Show Your Business to Customers

Location is a critical aspect of any business, but it's not always easy to move your physical location closer to your customers. However, with Google Maps Street View, you can show your business to customers virtually. By using the 360 Google video feature within Google Street View, you can create a virtual tour of your business that is linked to Google My Business. This allows customers to get to know your business without ever leaving their home or office. It's a great way to enhance your online presence and attract new customers.

Be More Memorable

Consumers make their buying decisions before they leave home, so it's important to make a lasting impression online. By showcasing your business through virtual tours and Google Street View, you can help potential customers remember your business and increase the likelihood of them visiting.

Here are some ways to be more memorable:

  • Provide a virtual tour of your business on Google Maps to give customers a feel for what it's like before they arrive.
  • Use Google Street View to show off the exterior of your business and make it easier for customers to find you.
  • Utilize high-quality photos and videos to showcase your products or services and create a lasting impression.

By making it easy for customers to find and remember your business online, you can increase the likelihood of them becoming loyal customers.

Your Kind of Customer

By using 360 Google Business View, businesses can attract more visitors who are already interested in their products or services. These visitors are pre-qualified, as they have already seen the indoor maps of the shop/showroom and know exactly what they are looking to buy. This can increase the chances of these visitors becoming paying customers.

Be a Trusted Supplier

Giving customers an inside view of your business can help them develop trust in your brand. By showcasing your business branding and carefully designed displays through virtual tours, customers can experience your space almost as if they were there in person. This can ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Rank on Google

Google Street View Inside can improve website rankings on Google. Websites with Google 360 view photography embedded are more likely to appear higher in search results. Listings with 360 photos and virtual tours are twice as likely to attract potential customers. Therefore, it is recommended to have Google 360 view photography embedded on your website to improve website ranking and generate more interest from potential customers.

How does Street View for Business work?

To get Street View inside your business, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact and book a Google Trusted Photographer to shoot your business.
  2. Prepare your business and inform your employees about the photo shoot.

Once the photo shoot is complete, the photographer will upload the images to Google Maps. The images will be stitched together to create a 360-degree virtual tour of your business. This tour will be visible on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+ Local.

Having Street View for Business can help improve your online visibility, boost your SEO, and increase customer trust.

How Long Does the Photography Take?

Google Street View Inside Your Business: A Guide to Virtual Tours
Google Street View Inside Your Business: A Guide to Virtual Tours

The time required for photography depends on the size of the business. For small shops, it takes around 2.5 hours to shoot fully. This ensures that all areas are covered by the individual panoramas shot with the specialist 360 photographic equipment. It is also possible to book professional static imagery shots of your business premises or professional headshots at the same time. On the other hand, large offices, depots, hotels, cathedrals, or university campuses might take several days or weeks, depending on their size.

Technical Wizardry

After the professional shoot, the images are processed using specialist software to create a set of panoramas that form a virtual tour. Third-party software is used to connect to Google Maps, joining the individual images to create a continuous navigable Street View virtual tour. Once the processing is complete, a guide is provided on how to embed the virtual tour into a website. Alternatively, the details can be passed directly to the webmaster or IT team. This technical wizardry ensures that the virtual tour is seamlessly integrated into the online presence of the business.

Google Trusted Photographers

Polyuno, a team of experienced professionals, has been awarded Google Trusted Photographer status for their high performance and experience. Polyuno, is dedicated to providing high-quality 360-view images that improve marketing and deliver business results. Clients can trust Polyuno for their expertise in delivering the quality expected from a Google Trusted Photographer.

Polyuno Service

Polyuno offers complete guidance for businesses looking to establish their online presence with Google My Business. They provide assistance with establishing, verifying, optimizing, and publishing your Google My Business page. They schedule photo shoots around your business and process and upload your virtual tour to your Google My Business page. Polyuno is happy to assist with website integration, Facebook embedding, and social media sharing. They also provide fun and interactive Facebook 360s for Facebook posts.

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