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Taking BacklinkSEO from an Idea to MVP and to Market

Written by Abdul
Last modified Dec. 26 2020

Who Are BacklinkSEO?

BacklinkSEO, a backlink monitoring tool, where the team had an idea to help guest posters, and link builders facilitate outreach and tracking efforts. After trying other vendors and realizing their cost to build an MVP was not practical they reached out to us at Polyuno to see how we could help.

The Goal

The goal was to take the idea to an MVP. The client wanted to have the core functionality defined as well as the main user flow that helped solve the critical problems customers were facing. The time span for this phase was 3 months.


In a span of two months, our team was able to deliver an MVP with the core functionality as well we a user flow and a birds-eye view of critical backlink issues users were facing.

Backlinkseo old onboarding
MVP Onboarding

Beta testing

We created a beta testing group of over 300 targeted users who were interested in using the BacklinkSEO service. We offered them a 30 day trial period of feedback as well as a reduced cost option for future plans.

The Change in Plan

Because of the rapid success of the MVP as well as user onboarding of beta customers, and the additional iterations for bug fixes and small update releases. We were tasked with identifying the best Go To Market strategy for BacklinkSEO as well as further development and redesign efforts

The Result

Over the next 3 months, BacklinkSEO was redesigned, revamped, and brought to market. In those 3 months, we accomplished a lot. Here are a few stats to demonstrate the impact.

backlinkseo onboarding

The journey Ahead

Now with a new revamped look, customer onboarding flow, and feature roadmap, BacklinkSEO is ready to generate $1m in ARR in 2021. We continue to be a development and marketing partner as they continue to grow and gain market share.

backlinkseo onboarding
Redesigned Onboarding

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