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Polyuno X VOX

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4.5 months
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About VOX

Vox is a global public affairs and strategic communications firm. It specializes in helping clients to engage with stakeholders, build their reputations, and achieve their public policy objectives. It provides strategic counsel and executes support to a range of organizations, from fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations and government agencies. Vox’s behavioral insight offers clients the tools and knowledge to identify their target audiences and gain insight into the stories and motivations driving their engagement. You can effectively develop strategies to reach and engage your audiences through its data-driven approach.

About Polyuno

PolyUno is a one-stop solution for everything you could ask from a digital agency. Our services include web development, software development, UI/UX design, content, SEO, and server infrastructure.

But most importantly, we focus on bringing your vision to life and creating a unique online presence through innovative and user-friendly digital experiences. 

One of the ways we do so is through comprehensive WordPress development and customization services to help bring your design to life. With us, you can rest assured that your website will be robust, efficient, and visually stunning

Challenges Faced

Creating a website on a platform such as WordPress comes with its own set of challenges. VOX gave us the design for its BI’s website, and we needed to build it on WordPress, with the platform as the backend. 

The website required efforts to meet the client's specific design requirements, and there were standards that we had to adhere to. Our team had to work diligently to overcome these challenges, but we were able to deliver a user-friendly website that met the client's needs.

How Polyuno Helped

With their specialized skills in WordPress, our developers put their all-out efforts into building the website to make VOX’s given design a reality. Our team of experienced developers has used the necessary WordPress themes and plugins to meet VOX’s unique needs and specifications.

Quality Assurance

We have had an internal Quality Assurance (QA) team who went through the whole thing to ensure everything aligned with the Figma design they wanted to implement. This team ensured our developers executed the design correctly and that all the details were there.

Dynamic Hero Section

The elegantly crafted and perfectly executed hero section displays a video demonstrating VOX BI’s brand message in an impactful way. We made sure the video, the first thing the visitors will see, is smooth and runs efficiently without any lag or delays.

The Home Page

We created different sections on the home page to present BI’s work in an attractive and captivating way. We also linked the different sections on a tab under the dynamic hero section to allow visitors to jump on to any section they want.

Key Things We Have Done

Ensured that the spacing and alignment of images and text were consistent throughout each section of the website.
Kept the images flushed to the edge of the screen to create a cohesive look and feel.
Focused on maintaining a proper class structure to improve code readability and maintainability.
Emphasized mobile responsiveness to ensure every visitor has the same browsing experience regardless of their device.

A Responsive Form

We have put a form on the webpage that lets VOX BI’s audiences send any message they want. The form was built using Fluent Forms.

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