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One More Lead

About One More Lead

OneMoreLead is a robust platform that offers a range of tools to help businesses find new prospects and generate more leads. OneMoreLead shines through its ability for users to search for prospects and create custom lists. With various filters available, users can quickly narrow down their search based on criteria such as location, industry, technologies, title, inferred salary, and more. This means that users can tailor their search to find the most relevant prospects for their business, increasing the likelihood of converting those leads into sales.

About Polyuno

At Polyuno, we provide a comprehensive software development solution that can take your project from concept to completion. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best development experience possible. Whether you're starting from scratch or ready to bring your ideas to fruition, Polyuno will work tirelessly with you to develop and implement the cutting-edge solutions needed for success.

The Build

UX Design

For the UX/UI design of OneMoreLead, we focused on providing users with a streamlined, beautiful, and efficient experience. Its clean and modern design is visually appealing and functional, making it easy for users to navigate and find what they need. Using whitespace, a minimal brand color palette, and straightforward typography creates an elegant interface that is easy on the eyes. The platform's various filters available in the prospect search feature and lead management tool are designed to be efficient, saving time and effort. The UX/UI design of OneMoreLead is simple yet effective, allowing businesses to generate more leads and grow their customer base efficiently.

Front End

OneMoreLead's front end has been thoughtfully designed to be both visually appealing and highly efficient for users.
Its sleek and modern interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with all the features and tools easily accessible from the main dashboard. The platform's various filters in the prospect search feature enable users to quickly and easily search for prospects based on specific criteria, saving time and effort.
The lead management tool allows businesses to track and organize their leads with ease, ensuring that every potential customer is noticed. In essence, OneMoreLead's front end provides a seamless user

Back End

The backend of OneMoreLead has been developed with user ease in mind, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing leads.
The platform's brand colors have been maintained for a consistent user experience.
We have also conducted intensive research on the latest technologies and trends in the industry to ensure the back end is highly functional and efficient.
Overall, we have developed a highly effective and user-friendly backend for OneMoreLead.


Find Prospects

The "Find Prospects" feature is a powerful tool that enables users to search for potential customers using a range of filters such as location, industry, technology, job title, inferred salary, and more. With this feature, businesses can identify the right audience for their products or services, allowing them to tailor their marketing efforts to meet their target market's needs better. Whether you're looking for new customers or hoping to expand your existing customer base, OneMoreLead's "Find Prospects" feature can help you find the leads you need to succeed.

Search by Company

The "Search by Company" feature allows users to quickly and easily find information about a particular company, including its contact details, key personnel, and other relevant data. This feature can be handy for businesses seeking partnerships or exploring new business opportunities. By providing users with detailed company profiles, OneMoreLead makes learning more about your competitors and potential collaborators easy, giving you the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

Create Lists

The "Create Lists" feature enables users to create custom lists of prospects, making it easy to organize and manage their leads. With this feature, businesses can keep track of their contacts and streamline their lead-generation process. Suppose you’re thinking of creating a list of potential customers for a specific marketing campaign or building a more comprehensive database of leads. In that case, this feature makes it easy to manage your data and stay organized.

Save Searches

OneMoreLead's "Save Searches" feature allows users to save their search criteria, making it easy to repeat the exact search in the future. This feature can be especially useful for businesses that need to conduct regular searches for prospects or companies. By saving your search criteria, you can quickly and easily access the information you need without starting from scratch each time you search.

Crawl Servers | Keeping information up-to-date

Our crawl servers regularly search the internet for updated information, ensuring that your platform's data remains accurate and up-to-date. With this feature, businesses can stay ahead of the competition by accessing the most current and relevant information about their prospects and customers. Our crawl servers can help you stay informed and up-to-date, giving you the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

Future Plan

Polyuno remains committed to supporting OneMoreLead and helping to improve the platform to serve its users better. Polyuno plans to continue onwards with OneMoreLead, focusing on updating and improving the platform's functionality and user experience. We will work together to develop new features and tools to make it easier for businesses to find, track, and engage with their target audience.

In addition to platform improvements, Polyuno can also provide marketing assistance to OneMoreLead, helping increase the platform's awareness and attract new users. Using Polyuno’s software development capabilities paired with marketing and digital advertising expertise, OneMoreLead is poised to grow its user base and become an even more valuable resource for businesses of all sizes.

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