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Polyuno X Lemon Light

Cost Saved
Time to build
4.5 months
Time saved because we built it
1 month

About LemonLight

Lemonlight is an industry leader in the video marketing sphere.
They provide world-class video marketing services -
from conception to finalization. Their services are supported
by their exciting platform and unique approach that is in tune with
every stage of the marketing funnel. Lemonlight, in short, is the
industry standard.

About Polyuno

At PolyUno, we pride ourselves on being a digital agency that understands the importance of a unique online presence in today's digital world. We strive to provide our clients with the tools and services they need to stand out and create their brand image online.

Our services include web designing and development, software development, UI/UX design, content creation, SEO, and server infrastructure.

One of our core offerings is comprehensive WordPress development and customization services to help you build a strong presence online. With PolyUno, you can rest assured that your website will be unique, well-designed, and capable of meeting your specific online goals.

Client Testimonial

Challenges Faced

Lemonlight had previously worked with multiple development agencies to create a website that is easy to navigate and use.

The website was built on WordPress, and they needed someone to go in and make some much-needed changes. They also required a thought partner to perform recurring maintenance tasks, including fixing bugs and adding new features. This project required an extensive schedule with deadlines and bilateral communication, along with establishing clear goals, requirements, and strict QA.

How PolyUno Helped

Our designers worked diligently to align the website's design with what WPI wanted us to do. While doing so, they also ensured that the design was visually appealing and user-friendly.

Then our team of skilled developers poured their expertise into developing the website and bringing WPI’s idea about Give To Women And Girls Day to reality. Their extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress allowed them to seamlessly integrate the required themes and plugins into the website.

Dynamic Hero Section

The beautifully designed and flawlessly coded hero section boasts a video that showcases Lemonlight's brand message.

Dynamic Hero Section

The beautifully designed and flawlessly coded hero section boasts a video that showcases Lemonlight's brand message.

The Blog Page

Our team built a pixel-perfect blog page for every available screen size that hosts all of Lemonlight's many blog posts.

The “How it Works Page

This page is an example of how our team at Polyuno can seamlessly integrate ourselves into your project. Lemonlight had already built a well-functioning How it works page. We made a few tweaks, such as changing a certain
image, linking a video tutorial, etc.

Closing Thoughts

Lemonlight’s website relaunch has been a complete success and it is due to the combined efforts of two separate teams
from different companies working in tandem to achieve a singular objective. The success of this project goes to show
how important collaboration is when it comes to working on a project. Moreover, PolyUno has showcased the dedication and
willingness to work with others toward establishing a concrete virtual platform and providing unparalleled software
development services.

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