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Polyuno X Give to Women and Girls Day

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About Give to Women
And Girls Day

Give to Women and Girls Day is an initiative by the Women's Philanthropy Institute (WPI) at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) to promote philanthropy for girls and women. 

Since 2019, WPI has measured donations to women's and girls' organizations through the Women & Girls Index (WGI). It shows less than 2% of total charitable donations go to organizations dedicated to women and girls, despite nearly 50,000 such organizations being present across the United States.

To change this situation and encourage more donations for women’s and girls’ lives, WPI launched "Give To Women And Girls Day" on October 11, 2022. While you mark your calendars for October 11, 2023, you can also be a part of the #GiveToWomenAndGirls by donating any time of the year!

About Polyuno

At PolyUno, we pride ourselves on being a digital agency that understands the importance of a unique online presence in today's digital world. We strive to provide our clients with the tools and services they need to stand out and create their brand image online.

Our services include web designing and development, software development, UI/UX design, content creation, SEO, and server infrastructure.

One of our core offerings is comprehensive WordPress development and customization services to help you build a strong presence online. With PolyUno, you can rest assured that your website will be unique, well-designed, and capable of meeting your specific online goals.

Challenges Faced

One of the biggest challenges was finding the right balance between WPI’s vision for the website and the technical capabilities of our tools. We also had to focus on the website’s structure to give it refined visibility and a good rank on SERPs. It was also a must to make the website user-friendly, accessible, and easy to navigate.

How Polyuno Helped

Our designers worked diligently to align the website's design with what WPI wanted us to do. While doing so, they also ensured that the design was visually appealing and user-friendly.

Then our team of skilled developers poured their expertise into developing the website and bringing WPI’s idea about Give To Women And Girls Day to reality. Their extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress allowed them to seamlessly integrate the required themes and plugins into the website.

Website Design

Our designers first made sure they understood the wants of WPI in the design. While designing the site on Figma and other relevant platforms, they focused on every minute detail of the proposed site architecture. Their responsiveness to various edits asked for by the client was also a key driver behind our success.

Logo Design

The designers also decided on color codes for the Give To Women And Girls Day logos. The color values (in RGB) they went for are -
1. Pink/R 238 G/73 B/108
2. Yellow/ R 250 G/163 B/45
3. Orange/ R 241 G/106 B/33

The Home Page

We kept the home page’s hero section specifically focused on the logo and the message describing Give To Women And Girls Day.
We put three large buttons that respectively link to the Give, Fundraise, and Learn More pages. They pair with highlighted text on the “less than 2%” insight by the Women & Girls Index (WGI).
We kept the home page’s hero section specifically focused on the logo and the message describing Give To Women And Girls Day.

Navigation Bar

For the navigation bar, we tried to mirror the exact thought WPI had about it. To draw people through the website, we made it with personalized buttons for each section - Home, Give, Fundraise, and Learn More.

Key Things We Have Done

We put effort into keeping the overall look and feel celebratory while it pops up to the visitors. For that, we solidified the branding elements and color palette with much care.
Our developers placed clean lines and kept the palette aligned with the cause. They did that to soften the whole experience, with the playfulness of the illustrations helping it feel more humane and connecting.
We placed 7Ts describing how the audience can give to women and girls in other ways than financial support. The developers made sure an explanation of the point (a T) comes when someone hovers over the point. This section was again internally hyperlinked at different other places on the website.
Our developers kept the hero section of every page just to the point of attracting the audience from the beginning.
We placed the partners’ logos in the field “Girls Day Partners” on every page. We also placed a slider in this section on the homepage to showcase a variety of remarks by distinguished people in this regard. The visitors can see a glimpse of the remarks before or after the one they are watching. And they can switch to another one using the right and left arrow buttons.

The FAQ Section

The FAQ section on the home page has drop-down blocks that let the audience see the answer to the question they are interested in within seconds.


The collaborative efforts of PolyUno and WPI have contributed to the website's success and informed more people about a great cause - donation to better women’s and girls’ lives. The unwavering dedication of our designers and developers made it possible to showcase our commitment to creating excellence and customer satisfaction.

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