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Our Goals
Our Roles
Polyuno is a full-stack software development agency that aims to help brands transform their digital journeys.
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About The Service

For a quick overview, OutReachBin is an outbound cold email marketing software focusing on cold emailing and email warmup. It provides services to automate and track email flows, schedule time-based delays, personalize hundreds of emails, automatically create prospect lists, and many other services to build a better customer relationship.
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Its robust email warmup solutions ensure a successful email marketing campaign with higher open rates and replies.
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Our Goals

There is a problem with email marketing service platforms. Blame it on the lack of qualified development teams or the high expectations of clients. Whatever it is, creating such platforms, especially from the dev teams’ side, is unquestionably challenging and complex. Besides, when there are other popular platforms like MailChimp, SendinBlue, SendGrid, the competition is intense.

However, it is not impossible to stand out in this saturated market with a new product, if you have a qualified development team right behind you. Not to mention, our goal is to provide you with the most suitable development team for your business to leverage your outreach campaign efforts.

Target 1

Create a warmup system that 
actually worked.

Target 2

Build the warm up system.

Target 3

Create an easy- to-use email 
automation system from scratch.

Target 4

Build a homepage and dashboard the 
reflects the usefulness of the service
and is user-friendly.

Target 5

Market the service.

Our Roles

Our role as a development partner began with the goal to provide you with the best-fit development team in the market and eventually improve your outreach campaigns. With our experience in the industry to jumpstart our service- we started offering a wide spectrum of services regarding cold emails. To understand our objectives, we began answering queries and providing solutions with cutting-edge tools designed to make the email game quicker, easier... and far more effective. Consequently, we positioned ourselves as one of the bests in the market with our meaningful and accountable email warmup solutions.
Taking The
Strategic Lead
Our first challenge was to stand out in the market of other popular platforms with similar offerings. We took the great opportunity for growth and tackled the most glaring issues by providing the highest quality dev team to our clients and helping them increase their opens, clicks, and conversions.
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On Going
With our sleek website in place, there are widespread opportunities for optimization and personalization. From supporting marketing campaigns to addressing sales issues, the team is empowered to work on these. While there are never-ending challenges that come with cold email marketing, the team is dedicated to providing excellent support as a whole.
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Needless to say, working on the project was challenging for our developers. Clients’ expectations of a simple yet powerful platform, ambitious design, animations, usability, and many more-our dev teams confronted these obstacles and solved the problems. We offer you a whole email warm-up system that operates with real and verified email addresses and not robots. We also provide you with a hyper-personalized system to enable you not just to roam around custom variables like other platforms, but also to explore the whole system.
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2 Major Parts Of Development

Our role as a development partner began with the goal to provide you with the best-fit development team in the market and eventually improve your outreach campaigns. With our experience in the industry to jumpstart our service- we started offering a wide.


Our role as design partners included designing both the front-end interface and the backend user dashboard.

Home Page Design

The homepage was a challenge for the team as it had to be the perfect mix of enticing and informative. The copy had to reflect the right tone to cater to the right audience, while the overall design needed to reflect the dynamicity of the product itself.
outreachbin hope page

Dashboard Design

Our team designed the dashboard to amplify user experience and maximize user ease. The design team worked tirelessly to ensure that the user flow from Point A to Point B was seamless.
outreachbin dashboard design


At heart, Polyuno is an entity that loves to build software. Therefore, this was our favorite part. We created a peer-to-peer network from scratch that ensures real emails work to warm up the connected emails. We have also developed numerous features that enable users to hyper-personalize their email campaigns.
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As clients prefer a simple yet powerful platform to send cold emails that actually land in the inbox, we created a peer-to-peer network to meet the requirements. This system enables you to take full advantage of the service to warm up your emails. You can simultaneously send emails and ramp them up seamlessly with this network.
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We created Liquid Syntax for you so that you can automatically replace and modify sentences to create a unique copy while sending. Even though this can be challenging and complex, especially from the dev team side, we made it possible only for you. We, with these diversified features, have been solving numerous issues that customers come across regularly. Thus, we are reaching more and more people as time passes and eventually generating more revenue.

User Experience & Interface

The user experience of any software plays a crucial role in its success. Our team took on the challenge of designing a user interface that offered a smooth user experience.
user interface


The dashboard has been designed to solve one problem: how easily and how quickly can users have their email campaigns running?

Landing Page UXUI

The homepage is any user's first contact with a product/ service. Therefore, our team needed to ensure that OutreachBin's homepage was informative and accurately represented the tool.

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