PolyUno X LemonLight -A Masterclass in Collaboration


Polyuno is essentially a modern-day, digital cartographer. Polyuno helps map your digital journey by providing guidancein all aspects - from software development, UI/UX design, Content, SEO, and even server infrastructure. Our skilled team of web and app developers supplements your team seamlessly and becomes an integrated component of the project you’re working on. Moreover, PolyUno has a ready team of design experts who will assist you in developing a deeper bond with your customers and help get your message across. But at heart, PolyUno will always be a software development company first - and our exprienced team of developers will always do their best to provide quality deliverables.


Lemonlight is an industry leader in the video marketing sphere. They provide world-class video marketing services - from conception to finalization. Their services are supported by their exciting platform and unique approach that is in tune with every stage of the marketing funnel. Lemonlight, in short, is the industry standard.

Client Testimonial

Challenges Faced

Lemonlight had previously worked with multiple development agencies to create a website that is easy to navigate and use.
The website was built on WordPress, and they needed someone to go in and make some much-needed changes. They also required a thought partner to perform recurring maintenance tasks, including fixing bugs and adding new features. This project required an extensive schedule with deadlines and bilateral communication, along with establishing clear goals, requirements, and strict QA.

How PolyUno Helped

Polyuno is a full-stack web development company with a front-end development knack. We specialize in all things WordPress. We helped Lemonlight fix existing features on their website and built new ones.

Dynamic Hero Section

The beautifully designed and flawlessly coded hero section boasts a video that showcases Lemonlight's brand message.
lemonlight landing page

Resources For Home page

Lemonlight wanted to display its work in an engaging and good-looking manner. The solution? We built a section to showcase their best video work.
lemonlight landing page

The Blog Page

Our team built a pixel-perfect blog page for every available screen size that hosts all of Lemonlight's many blog posts.
lemonlight blog page

The “How It Works” Page

This page is an example of how our team at Polyuno can seamlessly integrate ourselves into your project. Lemonlight had already built a well-functioning How it Works page. We made a few tweaks, such as changing a certain image, linking a video tutorial, etc.
how it works page

Closing Thoughts

Lemonlight’s website overhaul has been a complete success and it is due to the combined efforts of two separate teams from different companies working in tandem to achieve a singular objective. The success of this project goes to show how important cohesive collaboration is when it comes to working on a project. Moreover, Polyuno has showcased the dedication and willingness to work with others toward establishing a concrete  virtual platform and providing unparalleled software development services.
trophy puzzle

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